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Fresca Farms is dedicated to supply only the freshest and top quality fresh cut flowers, we utilize strict quality control procedures to ensure the product we supply meet the expectations of our customers.  In the rare instance that you feel our product has not met your expectations, please follow the following procedures:




1.                  Any quality problem must be reported and a control number must be obtained from a Fresca Farms representative within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise in question.

2.                  Extent of damage or product workability is to be discussed and determined between customer and Fresca Farms Representative.

3.                  Send a credit memo via fax or e-mail.  This written communication must contain:

a.      Control number given by Fresca Farms representative.

b.      Quantity of product being claimed.

c.       Dollar amount of credit being requested.

d.     Reason for your claim.

4.                  All flowers must be inspected upon return.

5.                  Never discard or destroy the flowers in question without proper authority.  We often request the product to be returned.

6.                  Never return product without proper authorization.

7.                  Fresca Farms reserves the right to deny a claim, if a control number is not requested from your sales representative or the credit is not requested within the time allotted.  In addition, no product shall be discarded without prior consent.



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