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History/About Us


Fresca Farms is a family-owned and operated, fresh-cut flower grower, importer and distributor located in Miami, Florida.  With extensive combined experience in the floral industry, the owners share a passion for flowers.  Cecivon Contag Vicente and Mario Vicente each have been in the flower business for over twenty years. Fresca Farms has grown from a 10 employee team to over 40 team members.  Each team member is carefully chosen to ensure the company culture remains family-style with employees that share the same drive, ethics, and love for the industry.  We consider our team an extended family; we share triumphs and help pick each other up from set-backs.  Fresca Farms is a member of and supports industry organizations such as AFIF, SAF Asocoflores and WF&FSA.


Fresca Farms owns and operates a 40,000 square foot facility of which 30,000 square feet is cooler area.  The cooler is state-of-the art with monitored temperature controls, dock seals to prevent temperature fluctuations, and is backed up by a 140 KW generator.  Our trucks, from vans to tractor trailer, are all refrigerated guaranteeing the cold-chain is never broken.  Product is delivered to the trucking company at the optimum temperature and on a timely basis. Our customized sales system was written to cater to the needs of our farms and our clientele, offering accuracy and efficiency throughout the ordering process.  We offer our partners custom packs as well as wet packs to meet the needs of their clients.  To guarantee only the highest quality flowers are shipped out of our warehouse, our Quality Control Manager in Miami is a graduate agronomist ensuring the thorough inspection of incoming and outgoing product.  Our location, strategically close to Miami International Airport and the refrigerated truck lines that carry our product to the market, allows us to offer later cut-off times and accommodate last minute orders.


Standing Orders

·        Guarantee you the highest quality, freshest product all year round including holidays. 

·        Are doubled for the two major holidays.

·        Eliminate the risk of surprise: one consistent price all year round.  During recent years, while uncontrollable weather conditions and other economic factors affected the floral industry (e.g. higher freight cost), standing orders proved a very effective way to help control costs.

·        Are packed specifically for each customer at farm-level allowing customers to dictate the color breakdown in their boxes.

·        3 cancellations per year are permitted.




AFIF, Asocoflores, SAF and WF&FSA

Winners of SAF’s Outstanding Varieties: Best in Class, Blue Ribbon and Red Ribbon


Our Farms

Our farm is located in the savanna of Bogota, boasting over 70 hectares of fertile soil in production with an additional 70 hectares licensed and ready for expansion.  The bouquet facility is housed on the farm campus.

We are a new generation of flower producers; horticulturists with professional marketing abilities who have identified an obvious but seldom exploited market niche:  a serious commitment to return to the business basics of listening and learning from our clients, supporting them in good markets and in bad, and producing quality products that our distributors as well as employees can be proud.

At the farm, we have a true respect for the land from which we live and the employees who nurture the land and grow the product we bring to the market.  Our farm employees are provided with a safe and healthy work environment.



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