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Now In: Carnation

 Carnations are single stem flowers featuring a delicate, durable, and delightful ruffled appearance with clove-like scent and extended blooming period.  One of the world's oldest cultivated flowers, carnations are available in a large number of varieties representing all the colors of the rainbow.  Carnations are available through Fresca Farms in standard, fancy and select grades in 25 stem bunches.  Carnations are available in an array of tinted colors.

CA - Castellaro

CA - Crimson Tempo

CA - Dark Rendez Vous

CA - Delphi

CA - Green

CA - Hermes

CA - LP Candy

CA - Madras

CA - Madras Bianco

CA - Nelson

CA - Paola

CA - Pink Nelson

CA - Raggio Di Sole

CA - White Tundra


black tint red butterscotch bronze yellow bronze white pink bi-pink dark pink orange bi-orange coral peppermint peach cream bi-color brown lavender blue purple burgundy gold green yellow bi-yellow