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Aster is a bush whose branching stems have laterals in spray formation with multiple daisy-like flowers per lateral.  Considered a filler, the aster is a available year-round.  Spray asters are also available featuring additional laterals per stem.

AS - Aster Assorted

AS - Aster Chelsey

AS - Aster Matsumoto Hot Pink

AS - Aster Matsumoto Pink

AS - Aster Matsumoto Purple

AS - Aster Matsumoto Red

AS - Aster Matsumoto White

AS - Aster Monarch Purple

AS - Aster Novi Belgi

AS - Aster Purple

AS - Aster Sunspring

AS - Aster Tara Solidago


black tint red butterscotch bronze yellow bronze white pink bi-pink dark pink orange bi-orange coral peppermint peach cream bi-color brown lavender blue purple burgundy gold green yellow bi-yellow