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Now In: Lilies

Lilies consist of large flowers, often fragrant, and come in a range of colors ranging from whites, yellows, oranges, pinks, reds, purples, bronze and even nearly black. Markings include spots, brush strokes.  Flowers are formed at the top of a single erect stem, with leaves at intervals up the stem.  Fresca Farms offers Asiatic, Oriental and Hybrid Lilies.

Lily - Asiatic Black Out

Lily - Asiatic Brunello

Lily - Asiatic Gironde

Lily - Asiatic Menorca

Lily - Asiatic Montenegro

Lily - Asiatic Navona

Lily - Asiatic Tressor

Lily - LA Hybrid Brindisi

Lily - LA Hybrid Golden Tycoon

Lily - LA Hybrid La Corno

Lily - LA Hybrid Samer

Lily - Oriental Aktiva

Lily - Oriental Ice Princess

Lily - Oriental Lombardia

Lily - Oriental Siberia

Lily - Oriental Starfighter


black tint red butterscotch bronze yellow bronze white pink bi-pink dark pink orange bi-orange coral peppermint peach cream bi-color brown lavender blue purple burgundy gold green yellow bi-yellow