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Poms or spray chrysanthemum, have multiple laterals with one or more flowers per lateral.  Fresca Farms packs the Poms 24 bunches to a half box. 

PB - Button White Zip

PB - Button Yoko Ono

PC - Cushion Baltica

PC - Cushion Drum

PC - Cushion Falma

PC - Cushion Madera

PC - Cushion Naru

PC - Cushion Polaris

PC - Cushion Polaris Yellow

PC - Cushion Red Rock

PC - Cushion Swing

PD - Daisy Atlantis Pink

PD - Daisy Atlantis White

PD - Daisy Clue

PD - Daisy Cocarde

PD - Daisy Factor

PD - Daisy Mostaza

PD - Daisy Orange Reagan

PD - Daisy Reagan Bronze

PD - Daisy Reagan Pink

PD - Daisy Reagan Yellow

PD - Daisy Tinted

PD - Daisy Vero White

PD - Daisy Vero Yellow

PN - Novelty Annecy

PN - Novelty Bradford

PN - Novelty Pilar

PN - Novelty Red Ole

PN - Novelty Vicking

PN - Puma White

PN - Puma Yellow


black tint red butterscotch bronze yellow bronze white pink bi-pink dark pink orange bi-orange coral peppermint peach cream bi-color brown lavender blue purple burgundy gold green yellow bi-yellow