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 Fresca Farms, known for premium roses, sells only top-quality roses that pass our strict quality standards.  Our roses are required to meet our: precise cut point which yields longer shelf life, larger head size with increased petal count.  We offer roses from 40cm up to 120cm.  We are always introducing new roses to our ever-growing line so please check back periodically!

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RS- Mondial

RS- Mosaico

RS- Mount Everest

RS- Movie Star

RS- Myrtha

RS- Nena

RS- Night Fever

RS- Ocean Song

RS- Ohara

RS- Orange Unique

RS- Orlando

RS- Osiana

RS- Panama

RS- Papaya

RS- Pavoratti

RS- Peckoubo

RS- Pink Finesse

RS- Pink Intuition

RS- Polar Star

RS- Priceless

RS- Purple Cezanne

RS- Rafaela

RS- Ravel

RS- Red Intuition

RS- Red Paris

RS- Red Unique

RS- Roseberry

RS- Rosita Vendela

RS- Rossini

RS- Sahara

RS- Santana

RS- Sexy Red

RS- Silver Stone

RS- Skyline

RS- Sonrisa

RS- Sophie

RS- Star 2000

RS- Super Green

RS- Sweet Akito

RS- Sweet Sahara

RS- Sweet Unique

RS- Sweetness

RS- Tabasco

RS- Tara

RS- Terranostra

RS- Tibet

RS- Tie Dye

RS- Tinto

RS- Titanic

RS- Topaz
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